After leaving `Soundisciples` Gobz forms `Noiselab`, members one ( Gobz !)

2000 - distributed promo `Mechanically separated` recorded in the `State of Art` pre-production room by Gobz. All artwork, engineering and musical credits by Gobz except the track `Plasticine` which is a collaberation between Gobz and Gizz Butt. Vocals written and performed by - Shaun Atkins ( Soundisciples ), Gizz Butt ( Janus Stark/Prodigy ), Kellogs the rapper ( 3PM/Smith & Mighty ) and Paul Lux. ( Lux ). Musical style is similar to the `Soundisciples` album only a touch more Brutal.

2001 - No new recording contract is secured for Noiselab, However the material is very successful on with one track reaching no 2 in the rock download charts and staying at no 1 in the metal download charts for 3 months ! Also the track is still no 1 in the editors `best of metal` archive to this day. So why no new deal after this, well my theory is that most record companies are either insane or just plain incompetent. It`s a hard and generally a badly paid life being a muso, so my advice is don`t give up that day job folks.

Late 2001 the track `Destination Unknown` is to feature on a compilation album for public release in Italy by the vast vitaminic web site. The CD will also include some known artists such as `Hed (pe)` and `One minutes silence`.

Also during late 2001 Gobz reforms the `Whores of Babylon`, and `Noiselab` is put on hold maybe to return at a later date.

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