Q : What in Hades ringpiece is `Dimebag does Dallas` ?

A : Dimebag does Dallas is a collective of musicians from `Whores of Babylon` and 'Candiru'. Our soul aim is to play cover versions of popular hard edged metal songs.

Q : Why bother ?

A : Why not, we have a lot of fun doing it and no one else around seems to play covers of metal stuff that is actually popular in the rock clubs ( see our discography for a current set list ).

Q : Why are you called `Dimebag does Dallas` ?

A : Dimebag is a reference to Dimebag Darrell from `Pantera` ( Gobz has the same hair ! ) and the `does Dallas` is an extract from the infamous skinflick `Debbie does Dallas` which may or may not actually exist, please let us know. Read on and as Manowar once said `DEATH TO FALSE METAL, INTO GLORY RIDE ! `.


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